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A website is never finished. It’s a living advertisment that is meant to be vital, not just for today but maybe for years to come. That’s why we always give you the support that you need to keep your website functional, and all the help that you need if something goes wrong.

We keep backup copies of all the web sites we build and we will help you if your web pages or the scripts on your site unintentionally get corrupted or destroyed. If after a while you notice something on your new web site that didn’t turn out exactly like you wanted it, we offer support with exactly the things that you need help with. Your website means as much for us as it means for you.

A well working, well designed website is an ongoing advertisement even for us, the designers and programmers that built it. So it’s our priority to make you, our customer, appreciate our work and recommend us to other people. We can therefore assure you that we are always doing our best to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction for the services that we provide.

We offer technical support for your wesbite 24x7x365 so you can be sure that if you experience any problems reliable help is at hand.

If you are located within 10 miles of our office we can also offer you desktop support for your PC hardware and software applications. To find out more, call us today on 01202 386292.

Top performing Dorset IT support for PC Hardware and Software.

PC Support and Maintenance is very important to ensure your business and home systems remain up to date and reliable. Global Websites delivers a high level of expertise and a friendly reliable service to help you solve all your system problems. Call us today on 01202 386292 or email us at [email protected] to discuss a support plan that suits you.

Call Out – this fee also covers the first hour of troubleshooting and support£50
PC Maintenance, Servicing, Support and Troubleshooting£35 per hour
Software Installation (excluding Operating System)£10 per application
Hardware Installation (excluding Primary Hard Drive)£35 per item
Anti-Virus (on-site visit to install the latest Anti-Virus Software, update with latest virus definitions and patches, carry out a virus scan and explain how your new anti-virus program works.£55
Internet Connectivity
Note: This is our charge for helping you purchase and install the correct service/hardware – Prices do not include hardware, ISP, Telephone or any other charges.
PC Servicing£49
Data Recovery:
Price is for software related problems only (Accidental deletion, fdisk, formatting etc) – Please contact us for pricing and turn around times on hardware related problems such as power surge, flood, fire etc.
Hard drive of upto 50gb capacity
PC Rebuild£80
PC Upgrade and Rebuild:
Labour charge based on replacment motherboard, processor, memory and case. Excludes parts.
Small Office/Home Office (SOHO) Networking£Call