Global Websites has a rare and unique opportunity for candidates to earn instant commission for finding/generating new leads that require web development, graphic design or printing from our company. This job requires little effort for a potential huge salary. We create websites that cost anywhere between £200 and £50,000, we will pay you an increasing amount of commission for each positive lead that you generate.

How does this scheme work?….simple, we pay you 10% of all business for the first 2 leads that you generate, 20% up to 5 leads, 30% up to 10 leads and 50% for over 10 leads. This includes all repeat business that we gain from the same lead so once you find us 1 lead you will be earning a constant cash flow for each time we carry out more work.

This includes all services that we offer so if the 1st lead you provide us with requires printing at £1000 you will earn £100 each time.

If your 3rd lead requires a website that costs £2,500 you will earn £500, if they then require updates that cost £500 you will then be paid £50.

If your 11th lead requires new graphic design and printing costing a total of £3000, you will earn £1500.

We already have over 15 employees who signed up for this scheme last year in 2003 and are now earning the capped amount of £75,000 per year.

All commission that you earn will be paid confidentially directly into your bank account by wire transfer upon the receipt of payment from your lead.

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