The key to becoming debt free

There is no greater satisfaction than paying off your debt. You may want to clear off debts such as credit card debt, personal loans and even medical bills. Once these debts pile up, it becomes difficult to pay them off. Paying off your debt will enable you to live a debt free life.  You can make use of debt arrangement scheme to clear your debt. DAS is available to residents of Scotland. The DAS agreement will ensure that your creditor does not add any charges on top of your loan amount. This is because the charges and interest are frozen. This means that you will only pay the amount that has accrued to the time you are making the payment. DAS is your key to becoming free of debt because you can pay the loan every month in affordable amounts.

Debtors who qualify for the debt arrangement scheme do not have to worry about their homes or car being affected. Your creditor will not take your home or car to the auction. You can continue using you car normally. This option ensures that your assets are not used against your loan. You will be given time to repay your loan. There are several other options that you can choose depending on the amount that you owe.

In case you would like to know more about DAS, then you should go to In this website you will get all the information on how the DAS works. The other great site that you can visit is It will enable you to calculate the amount of loan that you should pay to your creditors. As you will find out DAS is your key to living a debt free life. It is a simple and stress free way to pay your debts.

Other alternatives may be more suitable if you don’t want to look into insolvency. For example there are a number of bad credit loan companies which can offer you a secured loan if you have any valuable assets.

It’s also worth noting that the insolvency procedures in Scotland vs England are much different. In Scotland the equivalent to the IVA is a protected trust deed. Whether you are able to enter into a trust deed depends on your debt level and income – You may use the Trust Deed Calculator website to determine which option is best suited to you.